Bewilderbeastly Productions - Bewilderbeastly Productions
Rylan Cavell is a Bewildered Beast, sitting at a keyboard. He occasionally hits enough of the correct keys in particular patterns and forms words. Sometimes these words fall into an entertaining order. This he calls: Writing.

Rylan worked for Starburst Magazine 2013/14 as Original Fiction Editor. During this time he curated, and helped to develop the work of unpublished authors.
With several plays having been produced around Manchester since 2013, he has taken time out from staging productions himself to concentrate on writing and producing his radio show.

Recently Rylan has recnently scripted the 30-second commercials for local TV station network That's TV on That's Lancashire, which broadcasts on freeview channel 7 in the Blackpool & Preston area.

If you wish to stage performances of any of Rylan's shows or commission new work or engage in collaborations; please make your initial enquiry via the Contact page.

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