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A show written for Manchester's 2014 Fringe Festival, & nominated for Best New Writing!

What would these four remarkably different LGBT individuals have to say to one another?

Now we will have some idea, as we pitch a battle of wits between Sappho, Quentin Crisp, Harvey Milk & Gladys Bentley - with the whole of creation hanging in the balance!

This thoughtful piece holds a mirror up to the LGBT community, the way people live their lives and the battles that are faced every day.

Written by Rylan Cavell
Directed by Charlie Allen
(Taurus performances)
& Alastair Zyggu
with Chris Hall as
Stage Manager
(Kings Arms & Bar Pop performances)

Featuring the talents (across different versions) of

Rebecca Swarray - Gladys Bentley
Nigel Anderson
Andrew Husband - Quentin Crisp
Anne-Louise Fortune
Kelly Efthymiou - Sappho
Andrew Marsden - Harvey Milk
Rebecca Derrick
Christopher Bowles - Tint

Performances took place at...

Taurus (now Bandit, Mugger & Thief) on Canal Street
as part of Manchester's Fringe Festival.
July 2014

Reviews of these performances are available from

The Kings Arms, Salford
February 2015

Reviews of these performances are available from

Bar Pop, Canal Street
March 2015

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