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The Fey

...a near-future dystopian drama which explores the consequences of a society ruled by fear and ignorance.
Set in a disturbingly familiar United Kingdom, it follows the story of Faye and her friends, all of whom are members of Manchester’s LGBTQ scene, as they try to survive in a country controlled by a ruthless totalitarian regime.

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Written by
Rylan Cavell

Based on 'The Fey' by
Ben Turner from

Directed by
Anne Davies

Stage Manager
Christopher James-Hall

Featuring the talents of
Carmen Dooley - Faye
Andy Pilkington - George
Alex Herod - Claudia
Luke Richards - Richard
Rod Tame - Jean
Misty Chance - Norma Bone
Nigel Anderson - Jacqui St James
Christopher Burton - The Inquisitor

The Fey was performed at the Kings Arms, Salford
16th, 17th & 18th August

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